Thursday, January 1, 2009

Napa Cabbage Rolls

Wow...the holiday season took its toll on my wife and I. We drove all over the countryside to visit our friends and family during this busy time of year. In all of our travels, we did little fine dining.

However, my mother did get me a fantastic cook book from the writers of Vegetarian Times. I happened to make a passing comment about this book as I was reading it while I was in Tucson back in November with Auntie Cynthia (see some of my previous posts). It is a fantastic book that not only has recipes and all 'need to know' info (cholesterol, fat, calories, etc), and it contains a great forward / several chapters about vegetarian theory.

At any rate, my wife insisted that we have cabbage today as it is the first day of the year (something about good luck, i think). So, I decided to make the first cabbage entree (second from top) that I could find in my new cookbook.

I am still learning to eat eggplant, but it is getting easier each time i make it. I think you could easily substitute some other veggies or even rice for eggplant in this recipe. I may do that next time.